Open Positions

Senior/principal scientist, product development and innovation
(aka, make it happen). Invent new fermented foods the world has never tasted.
Scientist, biochemistry and microbiology
(open hire). Invent efficient ways to make the tastiest food imaginable.
Scientist, soft matter physics and materials science
(open hire). Invent next-generation food materials that beat animals on price.
Scientist, protein and biopolymer chemistry
(open hire). Invent new classes of molecular ingredients that out compete cows.
[Insert-what-you-do-here] badass
(aka, I-will-smash-down-this-door). Do you do something that we need, and we don't know it? Tell us about it. Skills can be taught, but passion is a fruit.

Referrals (aka, match maker). If you refer us a candidate who we don’t already know and we hire them, we will give you $2,000 in cold hard cash and a $100 gift card to your favorite restaurant.

Make a scalable impact on the world’s oldest industry

We fight climate change and mass extinction. We don’t make supplements for gym bros or crystal yogis, shiny science projects with impractical cost-structures, or any product that doesn’t move the needle on whether humans exist. Instead, we work on scalable, sustainable foods from plants that outcompete commodity animal products on the only factors that count: taste and cost. With us, join a team finding meaning in tackling hard problems that matter, while laughing at the absurdity that we really just make cheese.

Our Values

Our Culture

You will probably be a good fit at Plonts if:

Our Support

You can't help others unless you have enough in the tank. You can't face your fears if you feel constantly insecure. We are always looking for ways to build a supportive community so that each member can take on challenges, demons, and missions with chutzpah. As part of this community, we work to provide security in the following areas: